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Can You See the Signs of Pornography Use?

Covenant Eyes – Infographic Contest I had the chance to enter an infographic contest for an amazing michigan based company called, Covenant Eyes.   There goal is to equip people with tools that provide protection and encourage accountability and trust in the fight against Internet temptation. Really cool company. Very mature technology product.  My highest […]

Faithbook – How Devoted Are You?

How Devoted Are you? According to the Webster Dictionary, devotion is defined as: 1)      Passionate, often selfless affection and dedication, as to a person or principle. 2)      An act of religious observance or prayer, especially while in private. Personally, I view devotion as the intersection of my intention and energy utilization throughout the day. Where are […]

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What people think of The Digital Diet Guy

Dr. Ara Brown is the Dean of Boys at Cranbrook Upper Schools in Michigan.
Mark teaches us on the importance of taking “tech breaks” and provides creative ways to do this at home and in the classroom. I believe Mark’s programs cover fundamental topics which students, parents and schools need to know about.  I highly recommend the products and services that the Digital Diet Guy has developed.  
Dr. Ara Brown Dean of Boys, Cranbrook Upper School
Paul Galbenski, Michigans teacher of the year 2012, visits with President Obama earlier this year.
When I first saw Mark’s workshop on Digital Responsibility and Ways to prevent Internet addiction, I knew his message needed to be heard by every student, teacher and parent in Michigan.  His message is critical and very timely as we increase our exposure to digital devices in the classroom.    
Paul Galbenski Michigan Teacher Of The Year
International expert in the "Psychology of Technology."
"The work Mark & his team are doing to capture data on how the Web impacts our mood is very important" --Dr. Larry Rosen is Professor and past chair of the psychology department at California State University, Dominguez Hills. He is a research psychologist with specialties in multitasking, social networking, generational differences, parenting, child and adolescent development and educational psychology, and is recognized as an international expert in the "Psychology of Technology."
Dr. Larry Rosen